Chairman Message

HERO is a registered charity that supports the development of research into blood disorders and advances the delivery of care to patients with blood cancers in hospitals. We help to make sure that haematology staff  are involved in research and aware of advances in care.

quoteSince its inception, HERO has supported medically trained and scientific researchers whose work has been published in peer reviewed journals and selected for presentation at  major international haematology meeting in the USA and in Europe.

HERO has also funded and supported haematology nurse specialists to further their knowledge and skills. Anyone who has encountered hospital services will be aware that nurses who specialise in a particular area provide stable and skilled support for patients and their families in a variety of essential ways. One tangible example is the support HERO has offered to allow haematology nurse specialists to perform procedures normally carried out by doctors. HERO funding sent two nurses from Cork University Hospital, to a London hospital famous for its cancer care, the Royal Marsden.

HERO funding has most recently supported research in myeloma and this may lead to patients being able to discontinue their anti-cancer medications in the future while being monitored for myeloma.

Thank you also to our donors and their families for their generosity and thank you for continuing to support HERO in a variety of ways.

Noel O’Regan

June 2022