What kind of research does HERO support?

Research into blood disorders advances our scientific knowledge on treatment and future cures. In the last decade, extensive progress has been made in treating and curing blood cancers. We hope that HERO funding will be instrumental in advancing care in disorders such as leukaemia and lymphoma over the next decade with help from our generous donors. HERO has supported the Blood Cancer Research Network (BCNI) Biobank. The purpose of the biobank is to have blood and bone marrow samples from patients with blood cancers available for use in research that has undergone ethical approval.

Who are our donors?

Many of our donors have themselves experienced haematology cancers such as leukaemia or lymphoma. Some have had non-cancerous haematology problems with major life impact such as severe bleeding disorders or immunosuppression. We also receive donations from pharmaceutical companies who want to see advances in the research we carry out in UCC. Often, relatives donate in memory of a haematology patient who has died.